Family Religious and Moral Education (FAREME) has been described as a game-changer in the country’s education system as it now gives all religions equal opportunities while tackling previously unattended ills.

Founder and Director of Rehoboth Publishers, Brilliant Sithole, who was speaking at the launch of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s approved grade six FAREME textbooks in Bulawayo said, the subject has the capacity to tackle subjects previously shunned by the old education system.

“Our country is so much concerned with moral issues like corruption which is decomposing the moral fiber of society and our economy too.

“Imagine if we could teach children at Primary School level like this Grade 6 Learners book, in its third section talks about bad ethical practices like racism, ethnics, and corruption. Back then we made maths and English as the only important subjects. These are the days to say FAREME is important because it will teach children about ubuntu,” he said.

FAREMA is part of the changes implemented in the education sector to wean the country’s 8 682 schools off their colonial inheritance and adapt them for a globalised age.

Building on Africa’s highest literacy rate, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education shifted emphasis from content to competency to capacitate the sector for emerging economic and cultural needs.

The changes are outlined in the “Curriculum Framework for Primary and Secondary Education 2015-2022”.