The invasive insect pest, the fall armyworm, threat continues to give headaches to Chipinge farmers as it appears instead of being eradicated it is multiplying with each year.

Farmers in upper Chipinge took advantage of the first rains to plant their maize crop.

Others embarked on dry planting.

Sadly the good crop that had germinated well is already under attack after an invasion of the fall armyworm.

The affected farmers are sending an SOS for researchers to get to the bottom of this menace that has resisted all pesticides they have tried and is threatening a key economic pillar, food security.

“Like last year, the fall armyworm challenge continues as the available chemicals are not effective in killing the pest. We request that effective research on the fall armyworm is conducted in the interest of promoting food security,” said one farmer.

For Evilene Makwambeni another farmer, the damage has been reduced after she has managed to contain the spread of the deadly spiraling pest with the use of a chemical called asfit but she indicated the exercise is costly and laborious.

The fall armyworm is a challenge in this part of the country. We need help as we spray once every two weeks using asfit pesticide,” she said.

For over two seasons now, Zimbabwe has been battling threats of the fall armyworm losing millions of dollars on chemicals to try and control it while its damage had reduced crop yields massively.