visual art.jpgA visual art exhibition of vessels under the theme “Narrative Vessels” is going on at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe with more than a 100 domestic art vessels on display. 

The exhibition traces a narrative that begins with domestic vessel-based art and moves away from the private vessels to an art that is appreciated in the public domain.

Curator of the exhibition, Ms Lilian Chaonwa said several pottery and basketry are transformed into stories although their original purposes were only a humble record of family events.

The exhibition mirrors the status of life in modern and contemporary art on clay pots and other various sculptural elements.

Made from clay, sisal, reeds and wood, the vessels relate to a story, communicate a message that goes beyond the merely decorative and provokes a thought and a response in the viewer.

All in all, the exhibition seeks to revive a Zimbabwean art that merged traditional practice with contemporary styles and techniques to produce objects.