Days after the elderly people act was operationalised into law,  87 year old Kambuzuma resident Sekuru Enock Mbiriyakura could not hold on to benefit from its provisions as he succumbed to his death five days after he was again evicted from his house by his son.

Some three months ago ZBC News ran a story of an 87 year old Sekuru Mbiriyakura who was evicted from his house by his son, a Pastor by the name Tichafa, the sad reality now is Sekuru Mbiriyakura is no more.

His story made headlines as upon his eviction angry Kambuzuma residents forcibly returned the elderly and frail senior citizen back into his house where he stayed until five days ago when he was again re-evicted by his son.

This Monday (yesterday) the old man’s body returned to the homestead in its demised state before it was taken to his rural home in Rusape for burial.

Angry residents said Sekuru Mbiriyakura was subjected to trauma which might have caused his death.

Before his death Sekuru Mbiriyakura is said to have named who should reside in his house which is the centre of all the drama.

The death of the late Sekuru Mbiriyakura has left many questions than answers with the big question being what really killed the old man.

Whatever the answer, justifications for the evictions or who will then stay at the house, the story of the late Sekuru Mbiriyakura presents a mockery to the just proclaimed elderly persons act.