construction.jpgEngineers from different sectors of the economy have gathered in the capital to deliberate on issues to do with occupational safety and health.

Following an increase in the number of occupational hazards, and diseases in most companies, engineers from different sectors in the country’s 10 provinces have come together to see how best they can prevent occupational hazards.


Records maintained by National Social Security Authority on occupational hazards indicate that there has been a rapid increase in injuries and fatalities at most work places and this year 686 serious accidents and 14 fatalities have been recorded.


An official from NSSA Mr John Mutsvatiwa said engineers are better placed to come up with strategies that will help improve occupational hazards at workplaces.


Occupational hazards remain a major challenge at most workplaces and to address this situation Safety and Health Bill is expected to be tabled into parliament to harmonise occupational health and safety regulations in the country.