Farmers have been encouraged to embrace new farming practices in the wake of the rapidly changing technology by using pre-emergency herbicides to control weeds.

The purpose of modern industrial herbicides is to control weeds.

The species of weeds that plague crops today are a consequence of historical farming practices.

It is against this background that farmers who attended the Chinhoyi Agricultural Show have been implored to embrace chemical weed control to reduce costs and improve their yield.

Mr George Murungu, a field promoter said: “Targeted herbicide research has created a steady stream of successful products therefore we encourage farmers to use chemical weed control mechanisms so as to reduce labour, costs and concentrate on other duties. These herbicides are effective as they also reduce time and improve the farmer’s yield”.

Farmers at the agricultural expo, welcomed the new farming practise saying it will lessen the burden of dealing with weeds.

“The use of herbicides is a welcome development as it reduces time and costs on our part. The use of chemical weed control methods is the international practise at this day and age so we are happy that we can also use such farming methods,” said the farmers.

Herbicides provide an excellent control of weeds, while reducing soil disruptions due to less need to plough.