The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it will not tolerate nonsense in the performance of its constitutional mandate of maintaining peace and tranquillity especially during the forthcoming elections.

The ZRP is a key stakeholder the holding of free and fair elections as it has to ensure that campaigning and the actual voting is conducted in a violent free environment as well as dealing with intra-party violence.

This was affirmed by the ZRP Commander 2018 Harmonised Elections Committee, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza when he addressed the Bulawayo contingent of police officers.

“We will have over 2000 police officers who will be a part of elections in Bulawayo, and they will be well resourced so that they are effective in carrying out their duties. No police officer will be allowed to use political party vehicles or any other resources as this may compromise their operations,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Makodza also clarified that police officers will not be a part of the voting process as they will not be assisting those who cannot vote on their own.

He further implored the media to be responsible in their reportage and stick to facts and never sensationalise issues as this may lead to violence.

Assistant Commissioner Makodza also called on political parties to abide by the rules and regulations of the elections for peaceful polls.