mbira1.jpgHer career is fast being shaped by her dreams and already she is enjoying being a mbira artist.

That is the story for 24 year old songstress Nyasha Bonde.

Twenty-four year old Nyasha began playing the mbira instrument in her dreams, a vision that kept on recurring and turned into reality as it inspired her to take up the instrument which she did with ease and much passion.

A listen to her new video for the song Zviuya Zviri Mberi gives an indication that she is here to stay and the future certainly promises more.

“Ndaigarorota ndichifamba musango ndisina shangu ndakatakura mbira handizivi kuti ndiko kusvikirwa kwacho here. (I would dream walking in the bush while carrying the mbira instrument…),” said Nyasha.

Although she is a member of a Pentecostal church, Nyasha believes her visions are more to do with the spirit mediums and she would not wish to share some of these dreams with her peers.

In the latest video clip, Nyasha is in the bush with friends playing the mbira instrument donning some traditional regalia as she tries to interpret her dreams.