The Democratic Opposition Party (DOP says it’s now in full electoral mode with rallies and road shows set up across the country as it seeks to form the next government after the July’s harmonised elections.

The Bulawayo-based political outfit is reaching out to the electorate through road shows and door-to-door campaigns in the City of Kings.

The party’s presidential candidate for the July 30 harmonised elections Mr Harry Peter Wilson says his outfit is now in full campaigning mode.

 “We are ready to take over the country’s leadership. We have a massive media strategy, and as you can see we are having road shows and rallies. We are going to visit Mt Darwin, Bindura and very soon we will also visiting Manicaland.

“We will also be engaging with the electorate through some door to door campaigns which are more interactive…….,” said Mr Wilson.

Asked on how he is going to form the next government if he wins the July 30 elections when he has fielded only 15 house of assembly members against the 210 which make up the august house, Mr Wilson says a government of national unity is the way to go.

 “We will consider all capable Zimbabweans to make up our cabinet. Like we have been saying in our manifesto, we want to see an inclusive government which involves everyone. We will also take technocrats to run the country….. We don’t want a situation like the one we see where soldiers used to run important parastatals like NRZ in place of engineer,” he added.

The DOP is one of the 23 parties that managed to successfully field a presidential candidate for the forthcoming election.