The Biblical story about the man who was healed by Jesus Christ at the pool of Bethesda sounds touching to many though without much understanding of the situation.

A Lukosi woman, Sikholiwe Zulu is probably one of the few people to understand what it means to live a life that is dependent on well wishers, due to her condition which has kept her wheel chair bound for the entire 38 years of her life.

It is the dream of every expecting mother to give birth to a bouncing baby without any health complications.

However, for Mrs Shupani Zulu, this dream was shuttered when she gave birth to a disabled baby who was to remain wheel chair bound for the rest of her life.

Narrating her story, she said hospital authorities told her that the baby had polio while some believed the baby had inherited the condition from her since she too was born with a similar condition.

For a widow, relying on handouts from motorists passing by as well as selling firewood and coal along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway, her greatest challenge is providing her first born child with a diet recommended by the hospital authorities.

“We would appreciate donations in cash or kind because as it is now, I require $50 to hire a car whenever I am taking her to Lukosi Hospital. They want me to give her special food like fruits, vegetables and as you can see my child, its hot there is not even a sign that we will get something to eat, so I live on selling that firewood you saw by the road. If only my other children were working but then none of them is working,” Mrs Zulu explained.

What made it even more difficult for Mrs Zulu over the years is that her daughter cannot speak but they have since developed a language of communication with her daughter and are now able to communicate.

She can be contacted on 0782 360 623.