A group of disabled persons have been evicted from a flat run by the Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe Trust in the Avenues area in Harare after losing a legal battle that had spanned almost 18 years.

After surviving an order to vacate the premises last month, the disabled people who had been served with a seizure and attachment order from the High Court, thought their woes were over only to be taken by surprise this Wednesday when the Sherriff pounced on them.

Riot police accompanied the Messenger of Court and his team to enforce the writ of execution on the hapless residence, and it was such a disheartening sight to witness the disabled people watching their property being ejected from a place they have regarded as home for almost two decades.

The residents have appealed to the authorities to come to their aid and stop former Chairperson of the Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe Trust, Mr Benard Chikwanha from taking over the property which was bequeathed to them by the founders of the trust solely for the benefit of the disabled.

Mr Chikwanha who was at the premise as the eviction was being carried out refused to entertain questions from journalists.

What was visibly shocking after the enforcement of the eviction order was the state of devastation and hopelessness imprinted on the disabled people’s crestfallen faces as they have nowhere else to go.