The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with the government of Zimbabwe to ensure fair treatment and inclusion of people with disabilities.

This came out at the on-going National Disability Expo 2019 which kicked off in Bulawayo today.

UNICEF representative, Dr Christine Peta revealed that her organisation is working with government on a disability policy.

“We are assisting the government of Zimbabwe on a National Disability Policy. We consider this to be very important. We believe disabled persons require support and care from society,” said Dr Peta.

Other representatives from organisations of people living with disabilities also said there is need to dialogue constantly on the issue.

“We must deal with attitude, disabled people have a role to play and must be included in national development programmes,” said one of the representatives.

Besides raising awareness through dialogue, the expo is also showcasing different abilities of persons living with disabilities.

Institutions of higher learning that offer special needs programmes are also taking part.