Danhiko School for the Disabled is struggling to stay afloat and is appealing for capital injection to enable it to revive its income generating projects for self-sustenance.

Living with a disability can be difficult but as a reprieve, Danhiko Project has for many years become a symbol of an opportunity for the disabled to climb from a place of difficulty to meet their aspirations and abilities.

However, the economic challenges in the country have not spared the training centre making it difficult for it to function at full capacity.

Danhiko Project Deputy Director, Mr Godfrey Majonga said the institution is facing serious challenges and is appealing for donations to ensure they continue offering life skills to people with disabilities.

“Danhiko Project has been doing a great job in training people living with disabilities. However, we have been facing major challenges needing donations to boost our operations because the former first lady Grace Mugabe has since stopped supporting after the changes in government,” he said.

Mrs Elizabeth Dekune, Principal of the industrial training college, said they have many income generating projects they can run to be self-sustainable, which, however, require capital injection.

“If we could get capital injection we can be really self sustainable and wouldn’t rely much on handouts, we have the capacity to produce for large corporations, many thanks to government funds that have assisted in the running of the centre,” she said.

The Headmaster of Danhiko Secondary School, Mr Tawanda Musariri added that they need more donor funds and bemoaned the late disbursement of funds from the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

“The amount of money we receive from BEAM is not enough for the number of disabled students at the school, a situation which has made us face some struggles in serving the students who we cannot turn away from getting quality education,” he said.

The boarding master Mr Jonathan Ngehama expressed gratitude to well-wishers adding that access to food and essentials such as wheel chairs are the major requirements that the institution is failing to provide for those housed at the school.

“We appreciate all who have been supporting us it takes a lot to support children like the ones we cater for here we need more support in terms of food and mobility equipment,” Mr Ngehama said.

Former first lady Grace Mugabe was patron of the Danhiko Project since 2007.