Residents in Manicaland especially those in Dangamvura and Chikanga are failing to access transport in the evenings as transporters complain that the road network is poor.

Mutare has felt the effects of some of its roads due to rains on the road network. For the residents of Dangamvura and Chikanga, the road network has become a cause for concern with some transporters shunning certain routes as a result of the poor state of roads.

However, an exercise to rehabilitate the roads spearheaded by the constituency’s legislator, Cde Esau Mupfumi has commenced bringing hope to the once impassable roads.

“There is need to ensure that the road network is rehabilitated as it is a key driver for triggering further development,” said Cde Mupfumi.

Many of the roads in Dangamvura as well as Chikanga are in a bad state and more resources are needed to ensure that they become trafficable.