Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde July Moyo

Councillors form a critical pillar in building provincial economies under the devolved system raising strong conviction that they must receive proper training on how to run their councils.

Three hundred and eighty-seven councillors from Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South gathered for a capacity building workshop in Bulawayo.

Critical to the running of a devolved economy would be local government councillors with an appreciation of issues to do with planning, budgeting and understanding statutes and regulations governing local authorities.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde July Moyo said government has embraced the dictates of the constitution to facilitate a community-driven approach to development, which the councillors should pick up to facilitate transformation at grass root communities.

He noted a thorough understanding of the constitution by councillors is essential in achieving their mandates.

“The intention of this workshop is to acclimatise all the councillors with the laws that govern their work. We managed to raise their awareness on the enabling laws like the Urban and Rural District Councils Acts. Being conversant with such acts will help them to tackle issues like marginalisation.

“The president has said let’s give the opportunity to communities to indicate what their marginalisation entails. For example, if you are marginalised in (the provision of) water, health or road services, you can now budget for it so that the government can step in and uplift those communities who lag behind in terms of development,” said Cde Moyo.

Local authorities are often blamed for poor service delivery and lack of capacity in areas of planning, budgeting and adhering to council by-laws.