Harare mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda says investigations will be instituted into allegations of the accumulation of wealth by some councillors with indications that they are involved in corrupt and underhand dealings.

Most of the councillors who were elected into office in 2008 were ordinary young people who did not have any meaningful wealth.

However two years down the line, some are living lavish lifestyles and the wealth cannot be accounted for.

Harare mayor, Mr Muchjadeyi Masunda said a number of councillors including Deputy Mayor, Emmanuel Chiroto have been identified among the council representatives who have had a dramatic change of lifestyle since they assumed office in 2008.

He said given the correct fact, he is more than ready to engage investigations to rule out any possibilities of corruption amongst his team.

“I am worried about the lavish lifestyles that are being lived by some councillors and who cannot account for the sources of their wealth,” said Mr Masunda.

Mr Masunda said when he assumed the post as the mayor of Harare, he made recommendations to the effect that every member of the local authority should declare his/her assets and interests to avoid accusations that they are abusing public office.

He noted that it is indeed worrying that the lifestyles have changed, and have confirmed reports that some councillors are aligning themselves to some key suppliers for kickbacks.

“About three weeks ago, we realised that some of our councillors are aligning themselves to our key suppliers,” added Mr Masunda.

Most MDC-T councillors have been accused of engaging in corrupt and underhand dealings especially on stands allocation in the capital with some being involved in house grabbing scams.

The 2008 harmonised elections brought into office a number of young MDC-T councillors who have since neglected their mandate and are busy lining their pockets.