zesa power plant.jpgEfforts by the city of Harare to repossess the Harare thermal power station may be delayed further as ZESA Holdings alleges it is yet to receive communication to that effect.

This is despite claims by the city fathers that talks surrounding the issue have been convened with correspondents between the two parties having commenced.

Early this year, Harare mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda indicated that the council was contemplating repossessing the thermal power station in Harare, which it handed over to ZESA following the enactment of an act demanding that local authorities should hand over the thermal stations to the power utility.

He said the move was taken after the local authority realised that the power utility was facing challenges in generating electricity and was failing to prioritise areas such as hospitals, polyclinics and water stations when load shedding.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Mr Leslie Gwindi said the city council had proposed that the thermal power station be returned to them but nothing had been done by the power utility.

He admitted that although the city council wanted to run the power station it needed capital injection to refurbish the obsolete equipment at the power station.

On the other hand, ZESA Holdings spokesperson, Fullard Gwasira said the power utility is yet to receive proposals from the city council.

He said ZESA wants to improve operations at the thermal station and they have since switched it on as they prepare for its full operation as the year progresses.

The resuscitation of the thermal power station will help improve power supply in the capital and lessen the burden on ZESA which is facing capital injection constraints.