refuse collecters.jpgThe Harare City Council says there is still an outstanding backlog on the clearing of refuse dumpsites in residential areas although significant progress has been made in the collection of refuse from households.


The  council says in the last two weeks it has been collecting refuse in most of the capital’s suburbs but concerns have been raised as to why the city fathers have not  been clearing dumpsites which have for a long time been an eye sore and potential health hazards to residents.


The council’s Waste Management Director Mr Dombo Chibanda said at the moment the city fathers are focusing on collecting household waste as they are still in the process of acquiring trucks and equipment for clearing the outstanding refuse.


“The Harare City Council is aware that there is garbage that is outstanding and defacing the capital.The companies that we were working with have since pulled out and so we decided to start with the household level and as soon as the equipment comes we will start clearing the dump sites,” said Mr Chibanda.


Mr Chibanda said in trying to prevent people from illegally dumping their refuse, the Harare City Council is going to distribute refuse bags to every household in the capital.


The council has not been spared from Western sanctions over the last decade which militated against acquisition of required equipment for refuse collection.


 The city has been struggling to clear  refuse in the capital and this has led to a number of companies and the Zimbabwe National Army chipping in to assist and improve the face of the once renowned sunshine city.