squatterz.jpgThe City of Harare has professed ignorance on the status of settlements such as Hopley and said investigations will be carried out to determine whether these are legal or not.


 Whilst the council has the mandate of planning all its settlements under its jurisdiction, it has emerged that the city fathers are not aware of the status of the various settlements mushrooming in the city.


A case in point is that of Hopley where there is no social services infrastructure while children are drowning in unprotected wells.


Harare City Council Town Clerk, Dr Tendai Mahachi said the council will send a team to the areas to investigate as all legal settlements are expected to be approved by the City Planning Department.


The City Health Department has since announced that the illegal settlements are contributing to the spread of typhoid and no efforts have been made to clamp down on these areas which pose a potential health disaster.


Analysts say if there is an outbreak of typhoid or cholera at places such as Hopley, then the pandemic will not be controllable.