saviour kasukuwere 24-10-10 ed.jpgMinister of Youth Development, Indegenisation and Empowerment, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere says that he will send a team to investigate the Harare City Council, which stands accused of awarding a contract for managing parking space in the capital to a South African firm ahead of local companies in violation to the Indegenisation and Empowerment Act.


Cde Kasukuwere said he will leave no stone unturned in his quest to uncover whether the MDC-T led city council deliberately awarded a contract for managing parking bays in the capital to a foreign firm against the indegenisation and empowerment policy, depriving local of benefits accruing from the venture.


 “I have heard of the Easi Park issue from the AAG. I will not rest until I find the truth about circumstances surrounding the city council deal and that company. I am sending a team to find out the truth about the matter before I take measures to address the issue,” he said.


Prior to the invasion of the city by Easi park, local touts used to do the job of controlling parking in the city.


Zbc is reliably informed that when the company came to operate in the city, some touts were taken for short courses in anticipation that they were going to be employed by the company only to be dumped at the last minute as the company is said to have recruited its own workers leaving the touts jobless.


Zimbabwe Empowerment Youth Action (ZEYA) National Chairman, Cde Hebert Huruva said the decision by the city council is unfortunate because it is a war against the government’s empowerment drive.


 “Surely how can one justify the issue of hiring a South African company to run a car parking service in the city? Even a street kid can do that job then why giving the South Africans a priority,” asked Mr Huruva.


Easi Park started operating in the city mid last year charging a fee of US$1 an hour for parking in the city centre, a situation that irked most motorists as some spend up to 8 hours parking in front of their offices.