Patients have been left stranded as the Zimbabwe Urban and Rural Council Nurses Workers Union (ZURCNWU) are not reporting for duty citing incapacitation. Council clinics offer services to mostly low income earners and they offer maternity services as well as treatment.

The union is pleading for their salaries to be pegged at the prevailing interbank rate.

In a letter dated November 1 copied to the City of Harare Mayor, Herbert Gomba, and the Town Clerk, Hosiah Chisango, the nurses said they were unable to render their services as a result of the prices of basic commodities and fuel that had increased drastically.

“We also want to bring to your attention that our failure to address our members’ issues coupled with this current increase in the price of fuel and basic commodities has left them severely incapacitated that they are now unable to report for duty,” read the letter.

“Our members are now unable to render their services normally due to their incapacitation as of  November 4, 2019.”

The letter comes at a time when there is a crisis in hospitals since doctors declared incapacitation on September 3. The Labour Court was approached and it compelled all doctors to report for duty as their industrial action was ruled illegal.

The Health Service Board has since dismissed 77 doctors after going through disciplinary hearing.

Nurses at Parirenyatwa Hospital also declared incapacitation leaving the council nurses as the source of relief for citizens.