The Presidential cotton free inputs scheme has transformed the livelihoods of thousands of people in the rural areas who can now afford to pay school fees for their children, buy cattle and various other basic necessities after harvesting and selling their white gold.

Thousands of farmers in Gokwe, Mkazi, Checheche, Muzarabani, Chiredzi, Rushinga, Mbire and many other cotton-belts of the country who were turned to  paupers after their properties, cattle and various belongings were sold by private contractors for failing to pay back exorbitant loans for cotton inputs, can now afford a smile as they begin rich pickings, selling their white gold, pay for school fees, buy cattle, and uniforms for their children thanks to Presidential free inputs scheme.

Of major interest is how the Presidential free cotton inputs have changed the status of rural women who say they can now buy basic necessities as pots, plates and replace their furniture and small livestock which were attached by private cotton players over the years.

Cotton is a source of livelihoods for over 300 000 families translating into millions of people in rural areas.

Most of these families have over the years abandoned growing the crop following poor prices which dropped to unprecedented levels and market distortions caused by private contractors.