cotton.jpgCotton farmers might have to wait for next season to get better prices for their product as there have been no improvements in the product price of 30 cents.


Producers of cotton in most parts of the country have grudgingly accepted the reality of a low prevailing rate of 30 cents per kilogram, after earlier on refusing to sell their crop.


Zimbabwe Farmers Union Executive Director Mr. Paul Zakariya said there have been no recent changes in the price rate, noting that the ZFU is now focusing on creating a clear strategy for future seasons.


“We now need our farmers to understand that cotton is lucrative, although this year prices were not lucrative and if we are going to go as per  contract farming route, we want contractors to supply adequate inputs on time,” said Mr. Zakariya.


The cotton industry which currently supports over three hundred thousand families locally is under threat due to prevailing producer prices which has forced other farmers to switch over to tobacco farming.


Over the weekend Vice President Mujuru recently called upon cotton buyers to improve their prices in order to avoid stakeholders seeking new markets to protect the vulnerable farmers.

230 000 kilograms of cotton lint is expected to be sold this season despite the crop losing its luster due to low marketing prices.