cotton.jpgCotton farmers and cotton ginners have reached a stalemate after failing to agree on the minimum price for this year’s crop.


Cotton farmers are demanding a minimum price of at least 50 cents per kilogram instead of 30 cents which is being offered by buyers.


The farmers have threatened to withhold their lint if buyers do meet their demands as they feel the price on offer will not allow them to go back on the land.


“We have done all the calculations and we now loooking at how much each farmer can get and the problem we are facing is that if we sell the cotton at 30cents this year then it means we will be forced to down our tools next year.This has made farmers not to sell their cotton at all,”said Mr Zakariya.
On the other hand buyers who are also cotton ginners say figures being demanded by cotton farmers are unsustainable given the expenses involved in processing the lint.


Cotton Ginners association of Zimbabwe Chairman Mr. Godfrey Buka could not be drawn to speak on camera but told farmers that he could not review the price on behalf of the industry without the approval of all players.
Zimbabwe Farmers Union Director Mr. Paul Zakariya said there is need for the parties to compromise for the survival of the  farmers, ginners and  buyers of cotton.


“If ginners are making a profit then farmers should also make a profit. If farmers are making a loss then ginners should also make a los,”Mr Zakaria said.
The cotton marketing season was supposed to kick off more than a week ago but farmers have been withholding the product due to the low price of 30 cents per kilogram.