cotton pickers.jpgThe Cotton Producers and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (C,P.M.A.Z) rejected the US$0.30 cents per kilogram producer price and instead have called for a review of the regulations to protect farmers from abuse by buyers.


The latest comments by the C.P.M.A.Z which is an affiliate to the Zimbabwe National Farmers Union comes at the backdrop of increased displeasure by farmers over the set cotton price as they feel it is not viable.

The Cotton Producers and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe which proposed a producer price of US$1  per grade A cotton feel there is need to revisit regulations that govern the sale of white gold to create a win-win situation.

“We totally do not agree with the set cotton producer price for the 2009/10 season. We feel the price only serves to perpetuate the slavery of farmers. We are also calling for a review of the prevailing regulations affecting the cotton industry which we believe are pro-contractors and buyers.” said CPMA spokesperson Clemence Gondo

The cotton industry supports over three hundred thousand families is under threat from the poor pricing of the crop leading to a switch by farmers to tobacco.

Meanwhile the price of the cotton of the international market continues to surge due to increased demand of the commodity from spinners. With countries such as Bangladesh citing shortage on the commodity there are opportunities for African producers to fill in the gap.