cottonn.jpgFarmers have welcomed the move taken by the local cotton industry to continue offering them competitive prices of a minimum of 85 cents per kilogramme, saying this will allow them to go back to the land this coming season.

Cotton farmers who have been crying foul over low prices and market distortions have hailed the latest prices being offered by the local cotton industry.

The local price is mainly determined by world market and farmers have commended the review of prices from 65 cents to 85 cents per kilogramme.

Cotton Ginners Association Director, Mr. Godfrey Buka said the decision to increase the price of ‘white gold’ as the crop is known locally, took into consideration the need to cushion farmers to boost productivity.

The start of the 2011 marketing season was characterised by low prices which led farmers to cry foul saying they were being manipulated by some buyers.

The bulk of farmers withheld their crop anticipating better prices.

Market watchers feel the prevailing prices of the white gold will go a long way in boosting the crop’s production as well as export earnings.