The corporate sector and individuals have been urged to partner rotary clubs in order to assist the growing numbers of the less privileged people in the society.

A vibrant rotary club in any society is important in assisting the less privileged members of the society with the number of needy cases in Zimbabwe and other countries on an increase.

Rotary Club governor for Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Northern Mozambique Hutchson Mthinda who is in the country said Zimbabwe has vibrant rotary clubs but highlighted that the clubs require more support and increased membership to effectively carry its mandate to assist communities.

“Rotary clubs are alive in Zimbabwe. The biggest way we can have more impact is to contribute towards the rotary fund for the benefit of communities,” he said.

In an interview during an event to donate paint to Chipinge Gaza Clinic, president of the Chipinge Rotary Club Mikias Gwamanda said the club requires partners to effectively assist the growing number of cases needing help particularly in the health and education sectors among others.

“We have numerous projects requiring funding hence the need for partnerships to increase our support towards the vulnerable,” he said.

A strong rotary club is definitely a necessity in communities as it provides safety nets needed in any society to help the underprivileged.