consumer basket 03.09.10.jpgThe cost of living for a low income urban earner monthly budget for a family of six increased slightly in the month of August from US$ 486 to US$487.


According to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), the food basket rose by 0.01 % from US$132,17 to US$132,93 on the back of a hike in bread and flour cost due to the increase in the price of wheat on the international market.



The combined cost of food and detergents is pegged at US$143 up from US$142 while utilities, health, education, clothing and foot wear costs remained at US$344.


CCZ Executive Director, Ms Rosemary Siyachitema commended the general price stability but said bakers should produce good quality bread since some consumers have observed standards dropping.


“Bread is basic food and we don’t want prices to spiral like in recent years but we want it to be of good quality. We are always concerned about utility bills. Water and electricity supply continue to give anxiety. Ministries should deal with these challenges,” said Ms Siyachitema.


Ms Siyachitema said the move to allow imported meat products is a welcome measure as it provides a source of cheap protein on the market, although highlighting the need to guard against genetically modified products.