copac  20.09.10.jpgConstitutional law expert, Professor Lovemore Madhuku has criticised the Constitutional Select Committee for hiring people without adequate constitutional knowledge as drafters.

At a public dialogue forum held at a local hotel to discuss the state of the constitution-making process in Zimbabwe, Dr Madhuku said the absence of drafters who lack legal knowledge on constitutional matters does not augur well for the process which is expected to madhuku.jpgproduce the most important document that the nation is eagerly awaiting.

In response, Copac Co-chairperson, Mr. Douglas Mwonzora refuted that the drafters are novices saying they have been previously involved in matters related to constitution drafting.

The constitution-making process has attracted widespread criticism after the 18-month deadline previously set for the completion of the process lapsed.

On his 88th birthday interview, Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief on the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe expressed disappointment with the slow pace at which the process is moving.