mana_pools.jpgThe Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association has embarked on a programme to educate communities in mining areas as well as those who live near wildlife resources on the strategies that they can use to derive maximum benefits from these natural resources.


The programme comes at the backdrop of the over-exploitation of natural resources in the country with little or no benefit for the local communities. The local people who do not benefit ironically are the ones who have to bear the burdens of environmental degradation and remain marginalized with their natural resources benefiting others.

The Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association Director Mr. Mthuso Dhliwayo said training programmes are being conducted to capacitate the Chiadzwa, Mutoko and Mbire communities to demand benefits from their resources.

The beneficiaries from Mbire and Chiadzwa said the programme by the Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association is helpful in that it has given them knowledge on how as registered community trusts they can implore the miners and safaris operators to invest heavily in infrastructural developments in their communities.

Although Zimbabwe acceded to the international covenant on economic, socialand cultural rights in 1991 the current constitution of Zimbabwe does not guarantee these rights Environmentalists are lobbying for the inclusion of environmental rights in the constitution making process.