The Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED) has made huge investments in capital equipment which targets to benchmark its revenue generation and to recover from a US$30 million debt owed by government.

The state of the art road reclaimer acquired by the parastatal at a cost of $700 000, along with three modern tipper trucks are part of efforts by the firm to broaden its revenue generation base and close the gaps created by a government owed debt of US$30 million which has slackened its maximum potential.

Government earlier this year rolled out a parastatal reform initiative that would result in state enterprises contributing to the country’s economic turnaround by becoming productive, and these are the first fruits of this initiative which is expected to bring relief to the parastatal.

Authorities at the parastatal are confident that they will be able to recoup on their investments and have set a profit turnover to be achieved within the next 24 months.

The first of its kind in Zimbabwe, the road reclaimer is a cost effective road rehabilitation innovation which has the ability to reduce time needed to stabilise damaged pathways.

It has the capacity to trebble production levels over using a grader team.

If successfully rolled out, this system can be utilised to assist in rebuilding and repairing the country’s road infrastructure which is in dire need of attention.