psl preview 17.09.10.jpgFootball analysts say local clubs should do away with committing players to short term contracts since this forces them to look for new players season in season out which is not good for development and continuity in the sport.

Short term contracts have become a common trend in domestic football with players more comfortable with committing themselves to one season contracts.

Most players prefer not to tie themselves down to long term contracts as they deem them to be a hindrance should they decide to make a move in search of greener pastures.

Football analyst, Bhekimpilo Nyoni lamented this scenario as it doesn’t create an ideal platform for development and continuity at clubs, a sentiment also shared by football commentator, Archie Mundava.

“We have seen most clubs giving one season contracts to players. This means clubs are always rebuilding. If you have long term contracts, like for 3 years, you know players will be together for a long time and you’ll eventually see good football coming out. They need to tie players to long term contracts if clubs are to achieve something,” said Nyoni.

“Clubs don’t benefit much from players signing short term contracts. This transforms them into training grounds for talent because players will be constantly coming in and going out which is good from a development point of view. Long term contracts are the answer,” Mundava said.

Short term contracts have been the major reason why there has been an increase in player movement on the domestic front, forcing clubs to rebuild season in season out which doesn’t augur well for the development of clubs.