civil servants.jpgCivil servants have threatened to down tools if government does not review their salaries within seven days.

This follows the breakdown of a meeting in Harare between government representatives and the Apex Council which represents civil servants.


The meeting between government and the civil servants Apex Council on salaries broke down when the parties failed to reach an agreement as government was offering an increment which the civil servants worker’s representative  described as paltry.

The increment, which ranges from US$6 to US$9 will result in the lowest paid worker receiving US$128 from their previous salaries of US$122.

Apex Council chairperson, Mrs. Tendai Chikowore said civil servants are rejecting the increment on offer describing the meeting with government officials as disappointing.

“This meeting was disappointing as it did not yield anything for the worker,” said Mrs. Chikowore.

Deputy Chairperson of the Apex Council, Mrs. Cecilia Alexander said an increment of US$6 is just but a mockery.

“US$6 is nothing at all….you cannot expect the civil servant to accept that,” Mrs. Alexander said.

Other members of the civil servants representative body said government should do something urgently to address their plight as they are living in abject poverty.

The 2011 budget that was presented by Finance Minister, Mr. Tendai Biti was received with hype and pomp with civil servants expressing high expectations for an anticipated 100% salary increment.

The Minister of Public Service, Professor Eliphas Mukunoweshuro could not be reached for a comment.