The government has started implementing the rebate scheme for civil servants importing vehicles.

In a circular number 6 of 2019, seen by the ZBC News, Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairperson, Dr Vincent Hungwe advised civil servants on the procedures and requirements for them to be able to enjoy the government intervention.

“The member shall submit an application to the Head of Ministry requesting authority to import a vehicle under the scheme,” advised Dr Hungwe.

According to the circular, vehicles which will be imported under the rebate system, should not be older than 10 years from the date of manufacture unless specifically exempted by the PSC, shall not have an import value of more than US$10 000, and shall meet the specifications of the Customs Tariff Codes.

Dr Hungwe further advised that members eligible for the rebate should have at least 10 years of continuous service in the public service or service commissions, must have a valid driver’s licence or that of his/her designated driver in case of disability, is not subject to any disciplinary proceedings at the time of application and should not have benefitted from this scheme within a period of five years.

Dr Hungwe emphasised that the grant of the rebate of duty on the vehicle purchased shall be revoked immediately when a member resigns or discharged from the PSC before the expiry of five (5) years from the date when the rebate was granted, as such a member will immediately be liable to pay duty for the vehicle.