morgan185.jpgCivil servants representatives have blasted Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for failing to honour his pledge of improving government workers’ salaries and conditions of service immediately after he assumed office.

Various organisations which represent civil servants have blasted the Prime Minister for using them as a stepping stone into political office and later neglecting their plight.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) Secretary General, Mr. Raymond Majongwe had no kind words for politicians such as Mr. Tsvangirai whom he accused of having misled government workers for political mileage before dumping them after assuming office.


Mr. Majongwe said Mr. Tsvangirai’s actions should save as a wake-up call for people not to be used by politicians, especially during election times.

Government Workers Association President, Mr. John Tagara and the Zimbabwe Teachers Association Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sifiso Ndlovu said it is time that Prime Minister Tsvangirai moves from the rhetoric and ensures that his promises to the civil servants materialise.

Civil servants on Tuesday rejected government’s move to review their housing and transport allowances only, ignoring their basic salary.

When Mr. Tsvangirai was campaigning before the 2008 harmonised elections, he pledged to improve civil servants’ welfare.

A few days into office, the Prime Minister again made a promise to improve government workers salaries to match international standards.

Meanwhile, the Apex Council, the board that represents civil servants, has petitioned Prime Minister Tsvangirai to walk his talk and intervene to end the salary impasse.