ivory2.jpgCITES officials who visited Zimbabwe last month have positively spoken of Zimbabwe to the 175 countries attending the CITES convention in Doha, Qartar saying the country is making efforts towards rhino and elephant conservation.


In their opening speeches, CITES officials spoke on the conservation of the rhino, elephants and tiger, Senior Enforcement Officer Mr. John Sellar who visted Zimbabwe last month informed the media that the government of Zimbabwe is doing all it can to reduce poaching as well as rhino and elephant conservation.


He said finger-pointing was not a solution but rather the CITES community must rally behind those countries requiring assistance as the only way of achieving biodiversity conservation.


Leader of the Zimbabwean delegation to the CITES meeting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources Ms Florence Nhekairo said efforts against Kenya’s Elephant proposal calling for a 20 year moratorium on ivory trade and also prohibiting parties from submitting elephant down listing proposals are receiving wide support from other countries.

Most Southern African countries support the proposal put forward by Tanzania and Zambia for a review of the ban on trade in ivory.


CITES, which banned the International Commercial Ivory Trade in 1989, later permitted Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe to sell some stocks of ivory to Japan, totaling over 150tonnes in 1997 and 2002.


The decision was made in recognition of the fact that some southern African elephant populations are healthy and well managed.