The country’s tertiary education system should be one that brings hope for the nation by churning out graduates who can positively impact on the rebuilding of the economy.

The sentiments were echoed by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Scince and Technology Development, Professor Amon Murwira during the Reformed Church University’s 3rd graduation ceremony.

Professor Murwira said graduates from the numerous universities should tell us what they can do for the nation using the skills they would have acquired, not us telling them what to do.

“That should become the new norm as Zimbabwe thrives to pull itself from the economic doldrums. Graduates should focus on coming up with innovations that will not just impact of Zimbabwe, but on the whole African continent. Start small to become big, but do it fast. You cannot call yourself a hunter of big game when you have not caught a mouse in your life,” he said.

Professor Murwira added that the government wishes to create a future that is desired by its people using available resources.

“We need to develop an unparalleled national confidence and use what we have to better the economy. For instance, Great Zimbabwe University was constructed using materials that were around, not imagines materials,” he said.

147 graduands were conferred with degrees and the university’s Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr Enos Chomutiri said the university, which recently moved to a new site, is faced with an acute shortage of accommodation.

With Zimbabwe upbeat  about  turning around its economic fortunes, knowledge which cannot be transformed into goods and services has often been cited as irrelevant.