vp mujuru 08.07. 2011.jpgActing President Joice Mujuru says the church has the responsibility of setting the moral tone in society and church leaders must be God-fearing people who live according to the principles that are pronounced in the Bible.

Cde Mujuru made the remarks while officially opening a two-day leadership training workshop organised by the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, currently underway in Harare.

In a speech read on her behalf by Minister of State in her office, Cde Sylvester Nguni, Cde Mujuru said the current trend where the religious fraternity is embroiled in cases of misuse of office and public funds, rape and corruption among other vices is a sad development.

“Leaders must bear in mind that they have a responsibility to lead God’s people and should be accountable to the Almighty in whatever they do,” she said.

More than 210 apostolic denominations and Zion churches came together last year and formed an organisation called the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ).

President of the council, Bishop Johannes Ndanga said the ACCZ condemns bogus prophets, adding that people must not take freedom of worship as a licence to conduct illicit practices.

“As an organisation, we condemn those who masquerade as prophets, and people should not take freedom of worship for granted,” Bishop Ndanga said.

In the past indigenous churches were known for resisting hospitalisation and medication but now the majority of them affiliated to ACCZ are supportive of government programmes and are having their children immunised among other practices.

The leadership training workshop is being attended by church leaders affiliated to various Apostolic and Zion churches in the country.