church 25-03-12.pngZimbabweans joined the rest of the world in commemorating Good Friday and remembering the passion and suffering through which Jesus Christ went through.

Although it is the day He was crucified, Good Friday remains a ‘good’ day for Christians because the Lord Jesus Christ died for them, thus making the day a day of deliverance and redemption.

Many Christians spent the day fasting and praying.

In separate interviews, Christians in the capital explained the significance of this day.

“We commemorate this day as it is important in that Jesus died to save us from sins. So today, we are in sorrow,” said one Christian.

“We are not in sorrow at all because it was right for Jesus Christ to die for us. This is why it is called a Good Friday because it is the day He saved us from our sins,” differed another.

While others were at church gatherings and meetings, some took advantage of the long holidays to travel to the rural areas.

However, there were transport problems as well as overcharging as operators were trying to cash in on the large numbers of travellers.

Although Easter is celebrated differently in many parts of the world, the significance of Good Friday is that Jesus Christ died for the people of this world in order to redeem their sins.