In a nation known to have placed literacy at its core business, Chivi District has also made strides in that regard.

Maringire School, which is in the heart of Chivi District along the Beitbridge highway, has seen a huge transformation.

From a rag tag primary school that could barely provide comfort to its pupils, the primary school has taken a completely different shape.

Parents, who have been part of transformation story of the school’s infrastructure with the support of the rural district council, were full of pride as they talked about a school which now boasts of full basic amenities and other crucial infrastructure.

To these parents, the biggest winners are the young learners who now have a heritage which will go a long way in improving their lives.

All the projects at the school which have seen new blocks being constructed and constant support availed in the form of e-learning support materials are an important part of any child learner.

The community now makes use of the school facilities not only for learning but other activities.

The driving force behind the vision to transform not only Maringire school but other educational facilities, Dr Killer Zivhu said it is important to ensure communities pride themselves by providing buildings and educational materials to the young ones.

According to Chivi Rural District Council, more work is in the pipeline to make the school a significant player in education provision.

The work is carried out with the involvement of the entire community, amid consensus that giving a good learning environment to children is an important development initiative across the nation.