Despite being built to accommodate one person, the council rooms in Chiredzi’s high density suburb of Tshovani are currently housing families of between 5 to 10 people. 

With the council facing land shortages, it seems there is no end in sight to the situation.

Children playing outside, women cooking on fire, others washing dishes and men milling around are the scenes that greet one upon a visit to the council rooms in Tshovani area.

The rooms are commonly referred to as Majarada.

A careful further inspection reveals the infrastructure is extremely run down and the place is heavily congested.

In some instances, the rooms that were meant to house one person have as much as ten family members.

A conversation with most of them further reveals they are on council’s waiting list hoping to secure stands where they can one day build their own houses. 

The residents are quick to complain about council’s failure to renovate the rooms and attend to damaged infrastructure.

In response, council officials said services are lagging behind because the residents are failing to pay the $10 rentals which have since been reduced to $5.

Confronted with information that council said it is failing to attend to damaged infrastructure due to their failure to pay rentals, some of the residents who had insisted that they are paying rentals back tracked on their earlier statements opting to instead insist they will not pay because council is not attending to faults.

It is a sorry sight which until more land for housing expansion is availed the situation is likely to remain this gloomy and one that places its residents under health threats.