Chinhoyi residents are set to pay more in rates after the municipality’s proposal to hike rates by 100 percent in its 2019 supplementary budget.

The proposal will take the 2019 budget to $41 million up from the original $20,3 million.

Finance Director, Mr Zephania Chirarwe said the budget supplement has been necessitated by increased costs of services and other necessities.

“As of June, we were already experiencing budget overruns. Most projects budgeted for have not been implemented because of the financing gap. Water chemical prices have gone up drastically,” said Mr Chirarwe.

Housing and Community Services Director, Mr Timothy Maregere spoke of need to discontinue a blanket rate system.

“We are introducing a system where we say a 200 square metre stand will be considered as a unit and the number of units per property will determine the rates to be paid by a property owner,” said Mr Maregere.

However, rate payers are not amused by the latest move and have queried how the proposed budget will solve problems such as the perennial water shortages in the town.

The Chinhoyi Municipality is facing mounting service delivery challenges and rate payers can only hope for an improvement which the supplementary budget does not seem to offer.