Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital has been plunged into a crisis as over 250 of the institution’s nursing staff have gone on an industrial action demanding better conditions of service.

All the departments except for the labour ward and theatre section have been closed following the industrial action.

Patients from the closed wards have been lumped up in the maternity wards where makeshift bays have been created.

This includes patients from the private ward hospital.

Medical Superintendent Dr Collet Mawire confirmed the development to the ZBC News over the phone.

He said matrons are the only qualified nursing staff manning the hospital with the help of student nurses who have had to abandon their lectures.

Some of the nurses could be in their first year as indicated by the absence of bars on their uniforms.

The situation has left patients in a difficult ordeal.

The nurses have a raft of demands including night shift and locum allowances and a rise in their salary.

Reports indicate they have also been incensed by the selective approach to award such allowances to fellow staff in the health sector.