zhingazz.jpgA  group of Chinese peer educators are in the country to share ideas with their Zimbabwean counterparts on HIV and Aids issues as the country’s health sector  intensifies efforts to further reduce the HIV prevalence rate of 13,7 % to a single digit by 2015.


 New Hope Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that is working in all the country’s 10 provinces, disseminating information on HIV and Aids prevention, mitigation and care.

While a lot of people are beginning to be accommodative of people infected by HIV, issues of stigmatisation are still evident in some communities. In an effort to spread correct information on HIV and Aids, New Hope Foundation invited a group of Chinese peer educators to come and share their experiences with their Zimbabwean counterparts, who will in turn impart that knowledge to their respective communities.

Head of the Chinese delegation Mrs. Hong Ping who is director of the International Co-operation Department in the China Family Planning Association said the HIV and AIDS pandemic is a threat to humankind and non governmental organisations in China are committed to working with Zimbabwean NGO’s to curb the further spread of the deadly virus. 

New  Hope Foundation national co-ordinator Fortunate Jowa said her organisation welcomes the idea of having more  peer educators receiving training saying information dissemination is key in the fight against HIV and Aids. 


98 peer educators drawn from the country’s 10 provinces are taking part in the training. Using a number of mitigation measures, Zimbabwe has managed to significantly reduce the HIV prevalence rate which was over 30 % in the 90s but now currently stands at 13.7 %