At least $50 000 bond notes in cash has been recovered from Chinese nationals as the net is fast closing in on errant illegal foreign currency dealers.

Three Chinese nationals appeared in court today facing charges of contravening the Exchange Control Act.

The arrest comes as ordinary citizens are struggling to access cash from the bank.

The three Chinese nationals, Fang Wei, We Huanjiu and Wei Wei are the latest suspects to be nabbed after 16 illegal foreign currency dealers appeared in court this Wednesday on similar allegations.

According to state papers, detectives received information to the effect that the accused persons were selling cash at a premium.

Acting on the tip off, police detectives traced the activities of the accused persons and on 3 October, they saw the first accused loading his vehicle with sealed card boxes.

They followed the vehicle and intercepted it and searched the vehicle and recovered the $50 000 bond notes.

He implicated the second and third accused leading to their arrest.

The arrest of these illegal foreign currency dealers could be a tip of the iceberg on the illegal activities affecting Zimbabwean economy.