The rain season has not only brought relief to farmers and those facing water challenges but has given an opportunity to children to play.

It is that time of the year again when the coming of the rains is seen by most kids as that time of the year when they play games that are associated with the coming of the rains.

From yesteryear, children sang songs during the onset of the rains.

Maybe to call on the Gods to bring rains, or to announce the coming of the rains – one thing was always clear, children love rains!

Many people have childhood memories that still linger in their minds for the whole of their lifetime.

Once the rains hit the ground, it is also an opportunity to play in the mud.

Whether in rural areas or in urban settings, children are the same, they love playing in the rain.

For some adults, the childhood rain games are still fresh in their minds.

With nostalgia, they look back and remember the days of innocence.

But for the children, the rain means life and life means unlimited possibilities.

Let them play before their innocence is taken away by the troubles of the world.