Chegutu Municipality has begun the process of putting back to shape the town’s road network which was badly damaged by heavy rains.

The municipality is currently carrying out roads maintenance works starting off with the road network in the central business district.

The project is being implemented through funding from the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) and a nominal contribution from the local authority.

The scope of the project includes resurfacing of the roads with town engineer Ambrose Nyarumbu estimating the total area to be worked on in the CBD at 35 000 square metres.

He added that the next step will be work on roads linking the CBD and the residential areas.

Chegutu Town Clerk, Mr Alex Mandigo said the local authority has the institutional capacity in terms of capital equipment to work on a much wider network, should funds continue to stream into council coffers.

Chegutu Mayor Councillor Leo Gwanzura is of the opinion that rate payers will have a buy in into the project and assist council deliver by paying their dues to the local authority.

Most local authorities are battling to put back to shape their roads after they were damaged by rains and require millions of dollars to rehabilitate them.