paddy zhanda.jpgSpeaker of the House of Assembly, Mr Lovemore Moyo has stood down to Thursday the ruling of a case involving the Chairman of Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance, Cde Paddy Zhanda.

In a report presented by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance, Cde Zhanda is accused of pursuing personal interests in the ongoing investigations of the activities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

The complaint, which has been brought forward by the Reserve Bank Governor, Dr Gideon Gono alleges that Cde Zhanda is now pursuing personal interests in the case after the central bank chief allegedly refused to offer him a bribe in a bid to stop the committee from investigating RBZ operations.

Speaking to journalists soon after presenting the report in parliament, the acting Chairperson of the Committee on Budget and Finance on the central bank matter, Mr Willas Madzimure said the committee now waits for the Speaker’s ruling on whether Cde Zhanda should be investigated for the allegations brought before the house or not.

Mr Madzimure said if Cde Zhanda is found to be having a case to answer, he will be stripped of the committee’s chairmanship in the central bank issue and someone else takes over as the committee chairperson.

He said this will help in the winding of the RBZ investigations, which follow allegations of maladministration being levelled against the RBZ officials in their operations during the acquisition of mechanisation equipment.