webster shamu and presidents teacher.pngMedia, Information and Publicity Minister, Cde Webster Shamu has met President Robert Mugabe’s teacher, Mr Oscar Katsukunye, who is believed to be the world’s oldest man.

The centenarian, whose age is believed to be 115 years, took a walk down memory lane with Cde Shamu as he lamented the level of moral decay which he cites as the main reason for most people failing to live long.

“We have lost our culture and morality due to this western culture and this is why many people are nowadays dying at a very young age. People can’t live longer anymore because of drug abuse and promiscuity,” said the centurion.

Cde Shamu applauded the historic role played by Mr Katsukunye, who even taught the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.

Cde Shamu added that society is appreciative of his role as an academic and moral teacher in Zimbabwean society.

The Minister said Zimbabwean culture dictates that elders are looked after and told Mr Katsukunye that all help and support that the senior citizen requires will be rendered.

“We are very grateful of the work that you did for the development of the country, so we as your children will never feel burdened by taking care of you,” Cde Shamu told the centurion.

While his national identity document says he was born on November 12, 1907, recounting his life reveals that there is no way in which Oscar Munyoro Katsukunye could have been born that year and all suggestions point that he could be even older than that.

Katsukunye, who says his father also lived for over 100 years had 12 children, but two are late.

He has over 150 grand and great grand children, and he reveals that all his friends have died.

To him, the secret to long life is God, the Almighty as he confesses that he has never been admitted to any hospital.