cattle tuli  18.10.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has launched the cattle branding exercise in the Chinamhora area in order to curb stock theft and control disease outbreaks.

The ZRP say the branding of cattle will enable farmers to easily identify their stock and aide police investigations when dealing with cases of stock theft.

Officer Commanding Harare Province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriyarwa urged community leaders to encourage farmers to brand their cattle as it does not only help in investigating stock theft cases, but assists in controlling the spread of diseases.

“Every year more than 40 cattle are sold at the auction floors as people fail to identify the recovered cattle by police… the branding exercise will go a long way in protecting the national herd,” said Snr Ass Comm Munoriyarwa.

Chief Chinamhora said the cattle branding exercise will help to track stolen cattle by police as his area is prone to cattle rustlers since it is close to Harare.

“The exercise is commendable as it will allow people in this area to easily identify their stray cattle,” Chief Chinamhora said.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is currently working with the Veterinary Services Department and the Registrar General’s office in order to ensure that all cattle are branded in the next six months.